Nina Bang Larsen (b. 1981, Hardanger, Norway) is a visual artist working with textile sculpture and installation. She frequently uses familiar, often second-hand, objects in her work. Bang Larsen lets coincidence and intuition play a big part in her process, and together with the chosen materials this leads to a confused and comical collaboration, where surreal stories emerge.


There is often a bewildering duality in her work, which makes them hard to define, and the titles usually make the confusion complete. With familiar everyday objects and a shrewd sense of aesthetics, Bang Larsen lures visitors into her exhibitions, and then leaves them alone to find their own stories within the work.


Her most recent solo exhibitions include: Vestfold Art Center (Tønsberg), Soft Galleri (Oslo), Nord-Trøndelag Art Museum (Namsos), Prosjektrom Normanns (Stavanger). She has also participated in various group exhibitions: The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design (Oslo), Kunstbanken Hedmark Art Center (Hamar), Visningsrommet USF (Bergen), Vestlandsutstillingen, Kurant (Tromsø), and Sculpture by the Sea (Århus, Danmark).









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